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Jeni Fujita, the owner and founder of Mud And Lotus Training Center in NYC's Upper East Side had her own transformation with health and wellness when she adjusted her fitness routine & diet and lost 50 lbs. She decreased her body fat % from 33% to 16%, all inflammation was gone, body pains disappeared, including plantar fasciitis, and she had more energy than ever. She decided to share her newfound passion with the world in 2013 when she opened her first small boutique fitness studio with her partner and personal trainer, Reggie Cooley. They now own and run 2 locations in Yorkville.

Mud And Lotus Training Center is Jeni's solo project where there is a focus on mind, body, spirit fitness. She realized through her experience at 
Regenerate that people can control their body and mind to a certain extent, but without aligning with the part of us that is always well, our well-being, the changes in the body and mind were quite temporary. 


Here at Mud And Lotus NYC we focus on embracing the "mud" of our current circumstances instead of feeling bad for where we may be starting on our fitness journey. 


On the Mud Training side of Mud And Lotus we offer high intensity interval training classes and personal training. On the Lotus Center side we offer yoga, meditation, stretch & relaxation, pilates mat and more restorative/recovery practices privately and in small group settings. Jeni feels recovery and meditation is just as important as hard core training and has seen the benefits of recovery and restoration of the body in her many clients over the past 4 years.

Appreciating the mud, (or wherever we are now/our current circumstances) is something Jeni is practicing in her own life. Being raised Buddhist and following the example of mindfulness in those spiritual leaders such as Abraham-Hicks and Thich Nhat Hahn, Jeni truly believes that without the mud there would be no lotus. Without the contrasting experiences or discomfort we experience in life, we would not gain the clarity necessary for expansion and growth.  Just as without the discomfort or soreness we experience after pushing ourselves past our comfort zone during a workout or a yoga or pilates class, we will not see the muscle gain, tone, weight loss or increase in cardiovascularity or flexibility we desire to experience expansion and growth in our fitness levels. 


She believes with a balance of Mud and Lotus energies we can find peace within the chaos, we can feel good in our skin and peaceful in our minds and her intent with Mud And Lotus is to create a safe space, a healthy, friendly, family like environment for the expansion and growth of mind, body and spirit. 

It's not about where you are starting, it's about the fact that you ARE starting. In our opinion, you've already won just by showing up.  We will meet you there in non judgement. That's our mission, purpose and intent. 

Jeni Fujita - Founder of Mud And Lotus

About Mud And Lotus

& Founder Jeni Fujita

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