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Aimee received her Pilates mat certification from the Equinox Training Institute in New York. She is currently working towards completing the classical Pilates comprehensive training program, which includes an apprenticeship program of at least 450 hours.


Aimee led an active childhood, but at age 16 she was diagnosed with severe scoliosis that required spinal fusion surgery to correct the curvatures in her spine. She quickly learned that taking efforts to maintain spine health would translate into improving whole body health. After trying various forms of exercise, she found Pilates was the best activity for relieving chronic pain. Aimee is a firm believer that the principles of Pilates can help any body become a better body.


Aimee enjoys teaching an athletic Pilates class that challenges her students but leaves them energized, feeling centered and stronger.

Aimee Gordon - Mud And Lotus Training Center
Aimee Gordon

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Pilates Mat/Apparatus Instructor & Personal Trainer
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