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Food Coaching with Jeni Fujita

Jeni Fujita, owner and founder of and Mud And Lotus Training Center had her own life changing transformation with fitness and diet back in 2009-10. After a series of yo yo diets, she fell into a place of deep self discovery and change. She was invited to do a test group where she learned what NOT to do and also what worked for her. She has since released 50 lbs and kept it off. She no longer has joint paint or plantar fasciitis, and her energy is out of the roof high! She shared her transformation as it was happening with friends on social media and was immediately overwhelmed by the number of messages from friends who wanted her help. She took her life coaching background and shifted into what she calls Food Coaching.  Jeni has since helped countless men and women achieve their healthiest body composition & energy levels which in turn raised their quality of life. "When you give the body what it needs, the body will give you what you want." Jeni says, but not until then.


Her program is an anti-inflammatory/alkaline program with intense one on one accountability contact with Jeni daily for 30 days. Jeni says, "My goal is to coach myself out of a job. By the end of our 30 days together I want you totally independent of me... and you will be. This is about finding what works for YOUR body, learning how to listen to your body while still enjoying one of the best pleasures life has to offer. Food!"


Email to set up initial 1 hour consult

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