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Melanie Giliati
Pilates Mat & Private Pilates Trainer

Melanie’s introduction to Pilates came many years ago, during her training in professional theatre, when its principles and techniques were used in stage movement classes. The prescribed system of exercises and core-focus took form in so many ways that were not only related to fitness. She continued to practice Pilates in her home town of Montreal (Canada), Los Angeles and later in New York. Becoming more involved in fitness, the foundation for Pilates became evident in almost every day-to-day activity as well as in her work-out routines.

After a casual walk by the Power Pilates studio in Manhattan, New York, she knew becoming an instructor was something she needed to do. Now certified as a beginner and intermediate mat instructor she is deeply inspired to teach the classical, systematic and integrative approach to the practice.


Her love for running, hot yoga, dance and high intensity interval training allows her to bring focus and centering to her instructing, while incorporating her unique personality and joie de vivre.


“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” Joseph Pilates.

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