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Sunny Ma was born in China and moved to New York for her Master’s degree in Speech Communication and Performance Studies. 

She was trained in Jazz Funk for 5 years and later moved to New York to get further training in a variety of styles of dancing including Heels, Ballet, Street Jazz, Jazz, and Vogue…She has been training with many choreographers such as Heather Rigg, Yanis Marshall, Yvonne-Marie Sain, Jonte…


Dance has a transformative power on beingness. Through her Heels class, you will be inspired to tap into your inner sensual power, explore your beingness and express who you are freely in a creative way. She creates a friendly, free, and welcoming environment, which encourages your uniqueness.

Sunny Ma - Mud And Lotus Training Center
Sunny Ma


Saturdays & Sundays @ 4pm

Heels Instructor
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