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On Tuesday night, I took Grace's Yin Nidra class and it was AMAZING! The class did wonders for my sore muscles and I left so relaxed and focused. She's a fantastic teacher: super knowledgeable, great taste in music and so so friendly. If I could, I'd take her class every single day!
The space and equipment are both amazing; everything is clean, organized and nicely lit PLUS the yoga mats + blankets + blocks are all top notch (Jade brand). I would highly recommend this class/ space for anyone looking for a time out from this busy city :) -Melissa V. 


She came to my home, met my husband, my kids, my dog and got to know me and began to figure out what was going to work for me.  She then provided me with basic nutritional guidelines and was very engaged in the day to day food decisions.  She would even go as far as text my husband meal ideas (which he had agreed to being open to receiving).  She also introduced me to Ashley (personal trainer) and many group classes that would work for me, including a Restorative Yoga Relaxation class with Grace McLoughlin that my husband and I now take together (our new date night!)  It wasn't a miracle makeover, it was a lifestyle change and it's made all the difference in my life. -Nicole Schwend

I've personally worked with the owner and trainers associated with Mud and Lotus and it's been a transformational experience.

At the start of summer, I pledged to myself and family that I was ready to embark on a  "take back my life campaign".  After having my first child 5 years ago, I'd sacrificed my gym time for more kid time and somewhere along the way adopted horrible eating habits.  (Sound familiar?). With my youngest (2.5) now able to put on her own shoes, feed herself (mostly) and sleep past 5am (*sigh*) my head was starting to come out of the exhausted "mommy fog" and I was desperate to get back to my previously more fit self.


I'd tried several "programs" and they never stuck, I'd always quickly default back to my old ways, so I knew I needed something very hands on to keep me going, but ultimately, I needed a change in lifestyle NOT a program.   Oh and the big kicker was...I needed someone who could onboard my husband b/c in our home he does the grocery shopping and cooking and he was interested in "changing" but needed guidance.I don't recall how I discovered her, but somehow in my internet search I stumbled upon Jeni Fujita (owner and founder of and Mud And Lotus) and she agreed to meet with me and talk about how we could put a plan together for my WHOLE self; nutrition, fitness and FAMILY. 



I just took my first Pilates class at Mud and Lotus, a gorgeous new studio on the Upper East Side. I am so fortunate that my absolute favorite Pilates instructor, Nicole Long, now teaches in this beautiful space, in a super convenient location. The owner, Jeni, has really outdone herself with the amazing details in the studio and the cool, zen vibe (there is also a training center in a separate studio across the hall). Of course the class was wonderful, an awesome workout that never fails to leave you feeling sweaty and strong! Once you take a class with Nicole, you will definitely come back for more! I know I will- can't wait to become an official Mud and Lotus client! -Bridget C

Just had my first class at Mud and Lotus. Jeni put her heart and soul in to this space. It is a perfect boutique space on the UES and every touch was so well thought out. As for the instructors--I can only speak to Nicole and Aimee as I only do Pilates and let's just say I'm happy to follow these two anywhere. Great 45 minute mat classes, classical but kick ass Pilates. It's fun, welcoming, and with the new Lotus space--just down right tranquil. -Alex M.

I love the vibe in Mud and Lotus, a beautiful, new boutique training space on the UES. I attended Nancy's Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra class.  Her knowledgeable and soothing demeanor allowed me to completely relax my mind and restore my body. It was exactly what I needed to relieve stress and feel a renewed sense of calm despite outside stressors. -Carla D. 


I'm so thrilled that I had a chance to check out Mud And Lotus Training Center NYC tonight! I took Nicole Long's amazing Pilates class in the Lotus part of the studio and as always, it was challenging and fun and felt like a really great workout. Try her Pilates classes here, can't recommend enough! Jeni is so welcoming to the studio and was there to greet everyone; you can tell that she puts a lot of pride in her business and employees and is really passionate about motivating her clients. She even took class with us, which was workout goals all the way. The Lotus space is beautiful...super zen and clean, it has an elevated boutique feel and the class size is perfect. Plus all new mats and equipment, yay! I can't wait to take more classes here. Thank you, Jeni and Nicole for an awesome class experience tonight! I highly recommend this studio for anyone who wants really talented and motivating instructors, a personalized touch and a solid workout in a lovely boutique space. -Lindsey S.

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