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Ashley became a certified Personal Trainer through NASM and also earned her Women's Fitness Specialization Certificate & Pregnant & Postpartum Certification as well as a Nutrition Specialization after having her own health transformation, losing 70 lbs with correct diet & exercise!


She is also certified in Zumba, Zumba Step, and Zumba Glutes! She is PASSIONATE about proper form and consistent safe movement (as well as correct diet) and truly walks the walk, training herself every morning at 5am before she trains clients.


She is so excited to be a part of this AMAZING team here at Mud And Lotus Training Center and looks forward to seeing you in her class or having you become one of her one on one clients on the Mud Training side!

Ashley Nickelsen - Mud And Lotus Training Center
Ashley Nickelsen


MHIIT (Mud High Intensity Interval Training)

Saturdays @ 9am & 10am

Fitness Instructor & Private Trainer
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